International Press Relations

Influence creators

Create relations with international media and give you better visibility.

A wider media scope

In addition, digitalisation has drastically changed how your target audiences consume information. Digital media is dominant in their daily lives, leading to over-communication that makes standing out more difficult.

Communication strategies must take a broader view of the new media landscape, taking into account influencers and bloggers who, along with journalists, experts, and media influencers, contribute to the information mix. This new, wider media scope has transformed press relations into media relations that encompass all online and offline distribution channels.

We will create a press relations strategy, including digital media and social networks, that fits with your values and brand image, commitments and projects.

Maintaining a trusted relationship with the media

How can you create relationships with international media and increase your visibility in the local, national and foreign press?

Skills understands your challenges, your story and your know-how. We train your spokespeople, identify media opportunities and prepare you appropriately. Then, we organise an exchange between your experts and the media so that you can share your knowledge.

Our media experts around the world have long-standing ties to the media in your industry. They have been working within your field and competitive universe for many years. They will orient your messages to reach your priority targets and pitch the right media opportunities.

Nos clients dans la presse

Développer votre stratégie média

Nous vous apporterons le conseil stratégique en relations presse afin d’organiser votre influence à travers les bons réseaux média. Nous établirons pour vous les partenariats média nécessaires selon le profil de vos cibles et vos ambitions stratégiques.

Grâce à nos bases de contacts média qualifiées, nous privilégierons une approche qualitative avec certaines formes d’exclusivité sur vos contenus afin d’assurer des relations de confiance et de proximité avec vos partenaires média prioritaires.

Nous organiserons pour vous des rencontres personnalisées avec les journalistes qui comptent pour vous et mettrons en place des rencontres presse plus large pour créer des liens.

Bien-sûr nous encadrerons l’organisation des interviews en face à face ou à distance et assureront le suivi, le contrôle de vos citations pour optimiser votre visibilité dans les articles qui en découleront.

  • Conseil stratégique d’influence
  • Partenariats Média
  • Bases de contacts qualifiés et qualitatifs
  • Rencontres personnalisées et interviews
  • Formation des porte-parole

Create messages for your press-relations

Working with you to craft messages that will capture the attention of the media and help you reach your target audiences.

Our editorial experts will produce rich and relevant content to highlight your story, expertise and convictions.

Strategic advice

We make sure that your messages and deployment strategy are consistent: Press releases, press information, op-ed pieces, columns, press forums, and more. We will decide on the appropriate format for regular, productive exchanges with journalists.

Crossed interviews and interviews are very effective tools that we arrange to bring our clients along other stakeholders from their ecosystem, whether they are investors, journalists, researchers, regulators, influencers, etc.

Our extensive network in Europe allows a broader, unbiased and well-argued exchange of ideas that is often more appealing to the reader.

  • Preparing key messages
  • Market and media profile analysis
  • Press releases, op-eds and tribunes
  • Crossed-interviews

Our Added Value

Your story, our passion

We have a passion for stories and know-hows. Because we understand your business environment, we will help you formulate your stories, your convictions and expertise to reach your audiences and hold their attention.

Experienced Com Directors

As Communication Directors with over 20 years of experience in major groups, we share with you our international experience to accompany all types of image strategies.

International experts

Associated with international specialists for long years, we provide the expertise you need for your communication projects: media, editorial content, web, social media, advertising, events, publishing, design, video, and more.