Corporate Communication

Engagement creators



Communication strategy

Drive your image strategy and develop your impact

We will identify your strengths, your convictions and your business and image ambitions to help you put forward the right arguments.

We will assign a senior DirCom to your teams. Our mission will be to develop but also to protect your image and to face crises by accompanying the managers.

We will guide your company through organisational changes, ensuring the support of your teams.

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Seconded Dircom

Do you want to improve your company’s brand image to grow faster? Your company is expanding internationally but you lack a communication director in these countries? You are currently facing a crisis situation and need to regain control over your image?

You need the support of a professional to help your Communication Department in lack of resources or temporary overload to put communication means in front of your ambitions?

The seconded DirCom intervenes partly on site at the client’s office to take the brief, support or coordinate local teams if necessary. Remotely, he will mobilize and coordinate the necessary external experts and set up the organisation and processes required by the mission.

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Internal Communication

Make your employees your best ambassadors

How can we create internal communication media and meetings that ensure the broadest possible team commitment? We will design them in order to create a common dynamic for all members of the company.


Employer Branding

Attract and retain talent by reflecting your real image

Yesterday’s candidate has become an essential part of today’s company, whether or not it is recruiting. On the web, in social networks, they have the power like any consumer and can influence the value of a brand.

Through content and engagement strategies, we will help you align your beliefs and achievements by providing opportunities for employees to grow.