Employer branding

Engagement creators

Yesterday’s candidate has become an essential part of today’s company, whether or not it is recruiting. On the web, in social networks, they have the power like any consumer and can influence the value of a brand.

Attract and retain your talents through an image that reflects your reality

Even if you are not recruiting, you need to attract and retain talent with a true reflection of your reality. This is how we will help you strengthen your Employer Brand and ensure that you are “The brand to love, the place to work” .
Through content and engagement strategies, we will help you align your commitments, achievements and opportunities offered to employees to engage and grow.

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Engage your teams

Are you developing internal projects that your teams can take on or join?

How can they participate in your corporate social commitments (CSR/ESG/Impact)?

What day-to-day actions illustrate your company’s values in each business line?

Employer branding is an essential strategy if you want to:

  • Modernize your recruitment methods
  • Attract the best candidates
  • Improve the employee experience

Our communication experts can assist you from A to Z: from the creation of a sustainable strategy to the production of internal and external communication content.

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Let's develop your employer branding strategy together

We are convinced that you cannot develop an effective employer branding strategy without knowing your playing field.

Our resources for your strategy

We can deploy several tools for you:

  • Employer brand audit

We analyze the employer image that you project to your employees. Based on quantitative and qualitative analyses, we conduct a thorough study of the pillars of your corporate culture.

  • Reputation audit

What is your reputation as an employer among your potential employees? Thanks to this employer brand reputation audit, we will be able to measure your company’s reputation and e-reputation among target candidates.

  • Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

What are the benefits offered to your employees? Are they aware of them? EVP makes it easier to communicate your HR promise to employees and candidates alike.

  • Values Workshops

What are the company’s values? It is essential to have a common frame of reference to promote cohesion and development of the group. We will conduct workshops with your employees to define your values and make them live, well beyond simple words.

Internal and external communication plan

We carry out a strategic reflection, in order to build an internal and external communication plan. Our objective? To help you set up effective communication actions, step by step.

Ensuring employee buy-in

Once your employer branding strategy has been defined, we help you create highlights to get all your employees on board with this corporate project.

Our resources for your strategy

  • Employee workshop

We can organize interactive workshops and get your teams to work on transversal notions: company DNA, values, etc. All this is done in an innovative, creative and fun way.

  • Seminars and conferences

To encourage your teams to adhere to your communication and employer branding actions, we can help you organize key moments during your company meetings or seminars.

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Produce dynamic and engaging content

You have a solid and sustainable HR communications strategy. Your teams already support you… All you need is quality and regular content to get started. Let us produce your internal and external communication content. The agency’s responsiveness, creativity and expertise make us your best allies.

Our resources for your strategy

  • Audiovisual production

Video will be a great ally to make your messages heard. We can ensure the design and production of collaborative videos, web series, motion designs or animated podcasts.

  • Community Management

Candidates have a lot of information at their disposal within reach of a click. Working on your showcase site dedicated to candidates so that it reflects the authenticity and your values is our goal. We take care of the animation of your digital and social platforms.

  • Qualitative editorial content

We help you bring your brand identity to life through the creation of editorial content adapted to your communication channels: Blog articles, Newsletters, Opinion pieces, Experience feedback

Favoring the human experience

How can you illustrate the various individual career paths, while underlining the human experience acquired? Do you implement targeted actions to generate momentum and sense of belonging around your brand?

Do you have a mentoring program? Are the mentors also recent recruits? What individual success stories can you highlight?

Our resources for your strategy

  • Moderation of internal information networks and exchanges
  • Interviews, writing-up testimonials and internal human experiences
  • Creation of real and virtual information exchange areas, motivating project owners (social intrapreneurship)
  • Motivation and support for ambassadors of the employer brand (advocacy)
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Embodying your values

Besides your expertise and know-how what other values is your company founded upon? Who can you choose to embody them? How do you integrate these values in the recruitment process?

Our resources for your strategy

  • Positioning company values at the heart of recruitment comms
  • Developing HR content communication tools (editorial, videos, digital, social networks)
  • Moderating the recruitment page and social networks
  • Organising student forums (externally and internally)

Our Added Value

Your story, our passion

We have a passion for stories and know-hows. Because we understand your business environment, we will help you formulate your stories, your convictions and expertise to reach your audiences and hold their attention.

Experienced Com Directors

As Communication Directors with over 25 years of experience in major groups, we share with you our international experience to accompany all types of image strategies.

International experts

Associated with international specialists for long years, we provide the expertise you need for your communication projects: media, editorial content, web, social media, advertising, events, publishing, design, video, and more.