what brand content strategy to enhance your recognition?

Beyond visibility that creates awareness, ensuring recognition of a brand, ie. making a well-known brand the trustworthy expert, is a complex alchemy that depends on brand content strategy.

 From awareness to recognition

Faced with prospects overwhelmed by messages received via social networks, emails and other digital ads, it is increasingly difficult for brands to stand out to their targets.

The brand identity, the graphic quality of the ads, the power of the corporate message are certainly good methods to be seen.

But beyond the visibility that creates notoriety, what ensures the recognition of a brand, therefore why a known brand (notoriety) will be recognized as a trustworthy expert, is a more complex alchemy that depends on its “brand content” strategy.

What is brand content?

A fundamental aspect of traditional and digital communication, a brand content strategy is often confused with content production which is, in fact, only its most visible aspect.

Brand content aims to convey the values and history of a brand, its expertise and its products USPs by establishing a deep emotional connection with its target audience, and by using the communication channels that are best suited to it.

As with any exciting story, brand content will be structured like a book, with several chapters, several eras and constant twists. This book will be articulated around the positioning decided for the brand (its fields of expression), and its priority audience targets.

Indeed, the detailed analysis of the possible expectations of your target and the offer available on the market will allow you to decide on the priority subjects and the communication vectors and formats to be favored.

Beyond the simple creation of content,

A brand content agency, will help you set up your brand strategy, identify or create the communication channels to be favored, define the content and the areas of expression that best reflect your brand and its values, and establish an editorial plan to ensure your regular and consistent presence across all the selected media.

Another essential element of success in a brand content strategy is the regularity and variety of speaking engagements through the multiplicity of topics, formats and spokespersons. All this while maintaining a strong brand identity so that each message always conveys the essential values that your brand will want to preempt.

Only then will the decision be made to create the most appropriate formats (text, photo, video, animations, graphics) to reach and move your priority audiences.  A brand content agency specialized in your business will allow you to train your spokespersons, to bring them to play their own role while respecting the general spirit of your strategy, thus ensuring the regularity of your visibility among your targets.

Storytelling: an essential element of a brand content strategy

Storytelling, or the art of telling your stories, is essential in creating that emotional connection between the consumer and the brand. You may not know it and think that you always need extraordinary news to captivate your readership, but your story itself is an inexhaustible source of content. In the history of a company, that of the men and women who built it, the story of the gradual acquisition of its skills, the historical strategic choices, the intimate convictions applied in its business, there is invaluable and original material, essential to the anchoring of a brand with its audience.

However, we will never forget that your audience is short of time and wants to get something out of your publications, be it knowledge, entertainment, or material gain for example.

Our editorial experts, who know your business intimately, will develop your storytelling and teach you how to embody it in order to build a relationship of trust with your stakeholders. They will allow your customers to identify with your world and to get closer to you.

A brand content agency to create your universe

A well-executed brand content strategy naturally also implies the creation of a brand universe in its own right, built around a strong graphic identity and an editorial identity, both of which are easily recognizable. The exchange created should not be based solely on a commercial relationship with your stakeholders but should express a promise, a guaranteed experience.

Our team of brand content experts will help you create and adapt all your content to give life to this universe and consequently produce a sense of proximity and even of belonging among your customers and prospects.

It is this feeling that will lead to their loyalty and make them natural ambassadors of your brand.

 The essentials for successful brand content

The essential elements of our brand content approach are the following

  • Speaking territories: identify the themes and expertise that make your differences
  • Benchmarking & competitive research
  • Development of an editorial line: spokespersons, form, frequency, formats, tone
  • Content creation: opinion pieces, videos, visuals, speeches, testimonials, expert posts
  • Organization of the media mix (newsletter, blogs, digital, social networks…) according to the target audience
  • Dissemination, animation of influence networks and impact measurement

The DirCom and editorial experts of @SkillsCommunication have more than 20 years of experience in the banking and asset management sectors. Our positioning, revealed in our signature “Let’s bring your story to light”, is entirely articulated around the creation of content and its staging.

This article presents some of the keys to success in a brand content strategy, but there are many other important details that we will be happy to discuss with you:

What is the ideal media mix? How to find the right brand positioning without completely overhauling your brand identity? How to create an interesting editorial calendar? How often should you publish?

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