International initiatives

SKILLS stands in the heart of a network of influential partners in the Finance sector (Media, Investors, ESG influencers and Researchers) all interested in exchanging expert views. Our teams design and produce various international initiatives bringing together experts from all over the world to propose solutions for a sustainable future.

Responsible Investment Live

« How to accelerate the ESG momentum in Europe? »


The Responsible Investment Live conference gathers European asset owners to discuss and develop their understanding of suitable and sustainable ESG policies. Alongside other experts such as Research Professionals, Market Authorities, Regulators, Advisors/Law Firms and Asset Managers, the conference will address the current questions, challenges and ambitions to ensure a responsible future.


  • To accelerate the ESG momentum in Europe, Investors must act at a cross-border level


  • More than 150 European Institutional Investors and decision makers, leading the show


  • An exchange between investment leaders with cross-border experience and shared ambitions


  • High-level expert talks along with engaged and uncompromising debates



Launched by Af2i and bii, the French and German associations of investors, and produced by SKILLS, the conference brings together Investors and decision makers with cross-border experience and shared ambitions.

When Responsible Investment Live  had to be postponed because of the pandemic, the speakers and participants momentum was already very active.


Because direct exchange between international experts and interactions with multiple stakeholders always open new horizons, we found a way to keep the momentum alive by gathering Impact and ESG leaders in virtual debates before the event date.


Bringing together all speakers, partners and other thought-leaders sharing their opinions and ideas to enrich the debate without waiting any longer: « How to accelerate the ESG momentum in Europe? »,


The newsletter, designed and produced by SKILLS, offers a privileged access to research and opinion papers as well as international cross-exchanges that give a great fore-taste of the Responsible Investment Live program. This is also a way to highlight concrete progress proposals made on this vital issue of ESG development in Europe and to bring more experts around the scene.

Sustainable Investment in Action

We are facing climate, social and world governance emergencies. The safe limits within which human societies can be sustained, and indeed flourish, are being trampled aside.


Do we have to wait for everyone to make a move, to wait for regulators, governments and leading players? Or can we get involved in concrete projects and impulse the change?


There are hundreds of impact investment projects that have made and will continue to make the difference. If those impact projects were better communicated with large information, they would surely inspire more engagement and financial support.


Sustainable Investment in Action was designed to bring recognition, commitment and financial support to impact projects run by European investors.


SIA thus highlights the concrete impact projects led by European investment leaders through a conference and an award ceremony, with the possibility of an optional dedicated communication plan for some projects.


The SIA Conference & Awards is led by financial media group Option Finance, supported by ESG influential organisations along with multiple European media partners and produced by SKILLS.


The conference followed by the awards ceremony, attended by 300+ European investors, media and influencers, is an exceptional opportunity to engage a new audience with the impact of all projects.


The SIA Awards are judged by an independent and expert jury made of renowned ESG Influencers such as


They rank all projects submitted in various categories:

  • by group of United Nations SdGs: Climate, Resources & Ecosystems, Basic Needs, Living conditions
  • by Investor type: Corporate/Institution/Non-Profit/ Social Entrepreneur.


An eligible project must be led and supported by European investors. It must have been running for a minimum of one year and fulfill stringent criteria:

  • Impact: Materials and supporting data proving impact must be provided by the project leader.
  • Involvement: Effectiveness of engagement with stakeholders and local communities.
  • Replicability: The project can be adapted or reproduced by others.

Private Equity Summit Series

The Private Equity Summit (PES) Series consists of PE events in Munich, Zurich, Paris, Boston with other editions planned across other financial capital cities.

  • Expert and research-driven knowledge shared about private equity investment strategies
  • Attended by leading European GPs, LPs and C-level advisors to ensure a high-level exchange and networking
  • Supported by influential private equity media outlets and research firms

Private equity is here to stay: Buyouts transform and consolidate whole industries while venture capital fosters research and innovation.

The PES series provide a forum for C-level discussions of the “big points” on the global agenda like e.g., ESG integration, healthcare investments and the volatile macro environment.

The Paris 2021 edition also features the inaugural global Doriot Award for the Best Private Equity Research Paper. The Award Jury is comprised of a global elite of private equity researchers from, e.g. Harvard Business School, HHL, INSEAD, London Business School, MIT and Stockholm School of Economics.

The PE Summit in Paris will also present the second edition of the PE Diversity Awards. In the two categories “General Partner” and “Limited Partner”, they honour those companies that have successfully promoted more women in their Private Equity teams. The Awards are geared towards rewarding teams with a high proportion of women in senior positions. In addition, the proportion of women in the investment team across all levels and the progress made compared to previous years are taken into account. Long-term programmes to achieve a higher proportion of women at senior level are also relevant.

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