A single press office for effective international press relations

Relations Presse Internationales Skills

How to manage effective international press relations? In large companies, press relations require many competencies, which often lead to add the support of external teams.  Companies often point out the shortcomings of their press relations agencies. For example, their inability to master expert content, or to have their client profiled in articles of specialized and […]

Develop a three-step digital strategy

Develop Digital Strategy Skills Communication

Developing a solid digital strategy is a must for all companies in the digital age. Indeed, the rise of the internet and social media is bringing new consumer trends, as well as societal demands and new consumer needs. A strong and consistent online presence is a guarantee of success to capture the attention of its […]

Brand content : Three steps to succeed

Brand Content Three Steps To Success

Brand content, the guarantor of long-term brand recognition No brand today can be satisfied with developing its reputation without worrying about its brand recognition. Brand content strategies are therefore essential allies for these brands in search of recognition. Brand content is defined as all content created by brands to convey their values, convictions, commitments, history […]


Raison d'être, Identité corporate, stratégie de communication

Your corporate purpose is your source of inspiration for each of your actions and for each of your stakeholders. That’s how much it can mean to you. Let’s write it down, together.

The influence of leaders on social networks

Managers Influenceurs Digitaux

Today, social networks have become an essential part of a company’s communication strategy, regardless of its size. Using social networks wisely, can increase business opportunities, influence of a company and develop its brand image. When the company manager becomes an engaged corporate ambassador on social networks More and more companies are using social networks as […]

How to manage effective press relations today?

In a changing context with varied actors and networks, the press has evolved tremendously over the last few years and press relations have changed with it. However, the exchange with the journalist remains central. Is an intimate relationship with the journalist essential to share your expertise? Is the need to know the journalist still justified, […]