Media & Message Training

Become an ambassador of your company


How to engage your audiences in public or in front of the media

Being an ambassador

Speaking in public has become one of the most important tasks in a manager’s life.

You will become an ambassador for your group by passing a strong message with conviction and consistency. As such, you will be responsible for conveying the image of your company, its know-how and its culture.

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Bringing your public speech to success with our expertise

Successful communication, whatever its framework and objectives, always needs to be prepared in advance. There is an appropriate method and tools to achieve this.

Experts in your business, with an intimate knowledge of your codes and language, SKILLS brings the international experience of its Communication Directors, who have served for more than 25 years in large groups.

The Media & Message Training prepares you for public speaking and media exposure

It will be an opportunity to:

  • Understand how to be effective in public speaking (facing customers, relations, suppliers, partners, institutional entities)
  • Work on building effective messages
  • Train to master your corporate and business messages to capture your audiences’ attention

The group session is organized in three parts:

Budget from € 2,500

Partie théorique

  • Compréhension des médias
  • Construction de vos messages-clés
  • Techniques de la communication verbale et non-verbale
  • Règles à connaitre pour les porte-paroles presse

Partie pratique

  • Travail sur les messages corporate et les messages de vos métiers
  • Préparer les éléments essentiels de vos messages
  • Apprendre la technique des “ancres” pour se rattacher aux fondamentaux corporate
  • Savoir préparer et placer des illustrations
  • Comprendre les clés pour diriger une interview

Exercices d’interviews

  • Interviews fictives basées sur des messages préparés et d’autres question-surprises
  • Ateliers filmés (en option) simulant toutes les configurations d’interviews possibles

Chaque passage est débriefé et coaché par SKILLS : analyse des forces ainsi que des axes de travail de chaque participant.


  • Exercices face caméra (+1h)
  • Personne supplémentaire (au-delà d’un groupe de 4)
  • Heure supplémentaire (au-delà des 3 heures prévues)
  • Écriture des messages essentiels par porte-parole

Our Added Value

Your story, our passion

We have a passion for stories and know-hows. Because we understand your business environment, we will help you formulate your stories, your convictions and expertise to reach your audiences and hold their attention.

Experienced Com Directors

As Communication Directors with over 20 years of experience in major groups, we share with you our international experience to accompany all types of image strategies.

International experts

Associated with international specialists for long years, we provide the expertise you need for your communication projects: media, editorial content, web, social media, advertising, events, publishing, design, video, and more.