Leaders Speaking Training

Gain ease and agility in all your speeches

Embody your intervention!

Appropriate improvisation techniques applied to your industry, to be understood and motivating.

You are a leader, speaking in front of a variety of audiences, but…

micro cercle

You realise that your speeches are too much jargon, lack authenticity, illustrations and perspective

cercle chaîne

The current health context leads you to exchange with distant audiences generating new difficulties in engaging your public

livre cercle

You sometimes lose the flow of your story, you get lost, you are too long or too short


Your speeches do not generate questions, you are not sure that your objectives have been conveyed to your target audience

stylo circle

When your speech is prepared it’s fine but in case of an unexpected intervention, this is a perilous exercise

Skills’ coaches will help you to learn how to structure your story, use memorable illustrations, develop your memory and your active listening skills to turn your interventions into moments of exchange and pleasure.

To give you the ease and agility which will enable you to touch your audience, ensure the impact of your speech and leave a memorable impression with the ability to improvise, each session will have three parts:

miguel henriques

You and your audience

All the keys to a good preparation to avoid surprises.

  • Analysis of the situation
  • Initial feedback and self-analysis
  • Embodying your speech
  • Coaching based on your practical cases
  • Development of personal anecdotes
  • Posture: anchoring, look, body language

The substance and form of your speech

Learning to analyse your speech and its flaws, to embody and illustrate it in order to bring it to life.

  • Learning to accept mistakes
  • Work on the pillars of your speech
  • Improvisations based on key pillars
  • Understanding the structure of a story
  • Preparing the key components of your message
  • Creating the link between your speech and the company’s values
  • Mastering fluidity and authenticity
  • Working on silences and time
prise de parole en public

Applied improvisation techniques

Through workshops and video exercises, you will learn how to make yourself available by applying theatre techniques.

  • Learning the basics of actors’ improvisation
  • How to disconnect to make yourself available
  • Exercising improvised monologues
  • Construction and creation of improvised stories
  • Reading out loud
  • Concentration and active listening methods
  • Working on methods of “effortless” improvisation

5 sessions of 1h30 each

€300 ex VAT each

Our Added Value

Your story, our passion

We have a passion for stories and know-hows. Because we understand your business environment, we will help you formulate your stories, your convictions and expertise to reach your audiences and hold their attention.

Experienced Com Directors

As Communication Directors with over 20 years of experience in major groups, we share with you our international experience to accompany all types of image strategies.

International experts

Associated with international specialists for long years, we provide the expertise you need for your communication projects: media, editorial content, web, social media, advertising, events, publishing, design, video, and more.