When communication fosters impact investing: A look at the SIA 2021 awards

SIA when communication fosters impact investing

We are faced with climate, social and governance emergencies that undermine our balance and security.

Do we have to wait for everyone to make a move, for regulators, governments and major industry players? Or can we engage in concrete projects and build momentum for change?

There are hundreds of impact investing projects that have made and will continue to make a difference. If these impact projects were better communicated, they would certainly inspire more engagement and financial support.

SIA, Impact, Inform, Inspire.

Sustainable Investment in Action is an initiative produced by SKILLS, designed to bring recognition, engagement and financial support to impact projects led by European investors.

SIA highlights concrete impact projects led by European investment leaders through a conference and awards ceremony (SIA awards) with the possibility of a dedicated communication plan offered to selected projects. The SIA conference and awards ceremony are organized by the Option Finance media group and benefit from the support of influential ESG organizations and numerous European media partners. The presence of many European investors, media and influencers at the event makes it an exceptional opportunity to promote impact projects to a new audience.

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