Hedge Fund Live

Use video to inform, influence and capture a wider audience in the post pandemic world


Present your story and your strategy in a video profile guided by Hedge Fund communication experts

Attracting visibility and publicity has become increasingly difficult for alternative investment strategies . Due to global regulation marketing and promotion have become very restricted, creating an unnecessary opacity around hedge funds.

Your sophisticated investment strategies require clear explanation and regular education to ensure your investors’ loyalty within an increasingly constrained regulatory environment

The pandemic crisis has created deep market turmoil increasing many investors’ aversion to risk. You need to re-engage them with snappy, regular information and valuable market updates

Now is the time to accentuate the positive components of your alternative investing strategy (ESG initiatives, market rally opportunities, financing real economy, absolute return…)

Hedge Fund Live has been designed for you.

Skills will create a short and dynamic Hedge Fund video profile, interviewing key managers and explaining your strategy.

A turnkey video solution at
a reasonable budget

SKILLS video production team:

  • Uses the latest filming technology to produce high quality clips, both onsite and remotely
  • Identifies the right presenters and trains them to speak in front of a camera
  • Shoots and edits the video with highlighted messages and subtitles
  • Integrates existing in-house video content


We deliver the finished video in .mp4 format, with copyright included.

Content development

SKILLS Hedge Fund experts will:

  • Elaborate the scripts, proposes talking points and moderates (within MIF regulation limits)
  • Produce the founder’s story and DNA
  • Highlight the strategy’s differences and effectiveness in current market conditions
  • Showcase major team members, models, infrastructure

Broadcasting and impact measurement options

Various add-ons could be proposed to enhance video circulation and targeted impact

  • Social media outreach plan to develop your community
  • Digital media broadcasting via specialized alternative outlets
  • Search Engine Optimisation to grow digital visibility
  • Impact measurement to adjust communication strategy with agility

The package starts at €6,000

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Our added value

Your story, our passion

We have a passion for stories and
know-hows. Because we understand your business environment, we will help you formulate your stories, your convictions and expertise to reach your audiences and hold their attention.

Experienced Com Directors

As Communication Directors with over 20 years spent in major groups, we share with you our international experience and our in-depth knowledge of 360° image strategies.

International experts

Associated with international specialists for long years, we provide the expertise you need for your communication projects: media, editorial, web, social media, advertising, events, design, video, and more.