Raison d'être, Identité corporate, stratégie de communication

Your corporate purpose is your source of inspiration for each of your actions and for each of your stakeholders. That’s how much it can mean to you. Let’s write it down, together.

The influence of leaders on social networks

Managers Influenceurs Digitaux

Today, social networks have become an essential part of a company’s communication strategy, regardless of its size. Using social networks wisely, can increase business opportunities, influence of a company and develop its brand image. When the company manager becomes an engaged corporate ambassador on social networks More and more companies are using social networks as […]

How to manage effective press relations today?

In a changing context with varied actors and networks, the press has evolved tremendously over the last few years and press relations have changed with it. However, the exchange with the journalist remains central. Is an intimate relationship with the journalist essential to share your expertise? Is the need to know the journalist still justified, […]

How will Private Equity transform business in 2022?

Visuel PES News

Private Equity will again be instrumental post-pandemic: Buyouts transform and consolidate entire industry sectors, and venture capital drives research and innovation. Since 2018, the Private Equity Summit Series provides high level exchange with leading Private Equity and Private Debt players, both from the industry, investment and research sectors. “Straight from its launch back in 2018, […]

SIA 2022, Awards of impact investing

SIA banniere - VF 600

We are facing climate, social and world governance emergencies. To deal with it, there are hundreds of impact investment projects that have made and will continue to make the difference. Now more than ever, it is a priority to highlight those impact investment projects that can help lead by example towards a sustainable future. This […]

ESG, when companies become committed investors.

Communicating is about engaging others and engaging yourself. We propose to our clients to show their ESG commitment and the importance of investing in their actions, to progress on a virtuous path, both ethically and for the attractiveness of their company. When the climate emergency becomes part of a company’s strategy To communicate is to […]