Managerial communication: knowing how to turn the corner on telework

While countries are lifting one after the other the constraints of confinement, a year of crisis has profoundly changed the relationship of employees to work and to their company. According to a study by NoCom and IFOP: with the distance linked to teleworking, one would have thought that the links between employees would have been […]

When communication fosters impact investing: A look at the SIA 2021 awards

We are faced with climate, social and governance emergencies that undermine our balance and security. Do we have to wait for everyone to make a move, for regulators, governments and major industry players? Or can we engage in concrete projects and build momentum for change? There are hundreds of impact investing projects that have made […]

“The most important thing in communication is to hear what is not said” Peter Drucker

Peter Drucker is, according to Les Echos, the “pope of modern management”. He presented management by objectives as “(…) a principle of leadership that gives free rein to individual energy and responsibility, (…) and that harmonizes personal interests and the common good”. He often spoke about the importance of communication as a management tool, but […]